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     Advotax Law is a Canadian Tax Law Firm   

We help Canadian taxpayers — individuals and corporations — resolve their tax problems with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). We represent our clients at the CRA audit level, CRA appeals level, and in Courts. 

We also help businesses plan their affairs in the most tax-efficient way. We advise clients on federal income tax, harmonized sales tax (HST), and international tax matters. ​



CRA Audits

We are by our clients' side throughout the CRA audit process to protect their rights. We respond to audit proposals  and negotiate directly with the CRA. 

CRA Appeals
We prepare submissions and negotiate with CRA Appeals on our clients' behalf. 

Tax Litigation
We are tax litigation counsel, fighting for our clients at every litigation stage, both outside and inside the courtroom. 



"Ms. Malazhavaya is personable and easy to work with, and certainly in my case, made all the right calls in presenting my case to the CRA appeals board. I can thoroughly recommend her if you are looking for a tax lawyer to represent you in any tax related manner."

I.S., a Small Business Owner

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