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Protecting Your
After-Tax Income

We are Canadian tax lawyers fighting for
our clients' after-tax income in the courtroom
and in the boardroom. 

Advotax Law is a Canadian Tax Law Firm

Tax law has been our lawyers' sole focus for over 15 years. We have helped hundreds of taxpayers - businesses, individuals, real property owners - who had tax problems, were audited, or were reassessed by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). 


Tax reassessments can threaten people's lifetime savings, their businesses, their peace of mind. Our lawyers work tirelessly to minimize our clients' stress and resolve their tax disputes. We are by our clients' side, protecting their rights throughout CRA audit or a Tax Court of Canada appeal process.  


We represent our clients at the CRA audit level, CRA appeals level, at Tax Court of Canada, Federal Court, and Federal Court of Appeal. We also advise clients on a variety of income tax, GST/HST and international tax matters. 


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CRA Audits and Appeals

 We are by our client's side throughout the audit and appeal process, protecting their rights as taxpayers


Tax Litigation

We fight for our clients at every litigation stage, both outside and inside the courtroom.

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Tax Planning and Advice

Practical advice on issues related to Income Tax, GST/HST, Estate Planning, and International Tax

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